How to Pray the Scriptures

  1. READ. Read the passage before you carefully, praying for insight and pausing to reflect on the words or statements that capture your attention.
  2. PARAPHRASE. Put in your own words the “BIG IDEA” conveyed by the passage – a universal principle (truth) that applies to all people of all time.
  3. PONDER. Since God’s person is the One that makes His word absolutely true and powerfully effective in our hearts and lives, identify one thing that must be true of God for the BIG IDEA to be true and relevant for you and me.
  4. PERSONALIZE. Identify the thing you feel in your heart must happen in your own life, or the life of your church or community, if God’s Word is to be fulfilled in space and time.
  5. PRAY

P         PraiseBegin by telling God what you appreciate about the truth revealed about Him in this passage.  Tell Him what you see in Him, perhaps for the first time, and what you appreciate about what you are learning about Him.  Thank Him for His many gifts to you.

R        Respond.  Give voice to whatever is the most appropriate thoughts or actions in response to who He is and what He is saying through the passage.  Remember, that by saying the prayer with sincerity you create a pathway for participating in concrete ways in the fulfillment of His Word in your life.

A         Accept.  Remember that God is as perfect in His goodness and love toward you as He is pure in character and sovereign over all of history from beginning to the end.  So confidently enter His presence on the basis of Christ’s death for your sins, and wait upon Him for answers to the deepest cries of your heart (most urgent needs of our lives), on the basis of Christ’s intercession for you in heaven.  This is the meaning of praying by faith, in Jesus’ name

Y         Yield.  Let God choose the good that comes from your prayers.  Yield up all “rights” to Him and be glad that you can partner with Him in the outworking of His good and glorious plan for our lives.  Anticipate the ministry of the Holy Spirit in a lifting of burdens from your heart, and a settled peace of mind about the future.

Inner Response of Humility

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