1.2 Study Guide: Biblical Knowledge & Prayer

e02a62fc-b407-483a-8e25-54d12023dee5Welcome / Vision (expectations)

Our Hudson Valley School of Prayer is a sacred gathering on a journey of prayer. It is a momentary aside in which you can bring your heart’s concerns and find others to lift them up in prayer.

Review Lesson 1: Knowing God and Prayer

How does knowing God help strengthen a life of prayer? How does prayer help us know God better? Prayer is a mirror one’s relationship to God. If we love and trust Him, we will draw near.

Opening Prayer

I will choose to listen and obey the voice of truthKey Question: Why are biblical knowledge and discernment important in prayer?


  • Our Commitment to Bible StudyThe Bible is our only reliable source for interpreting the truth in what we hear and believe.

2 Timothy 3:10-17

  • The Bible helps us to put our desires into words and actions to which God will want to respond.

How to Pray the Scriptures

Nehemiah 1:4-11; 9:6-37; Acts 4:24–30

What story would you tell to illustrate today’s teaching?

 Q&A / Prayer

    1. What further questions do you have concerning today’s teaching?
    2. What insights did you have from today’s presentation?
    3. How would you answer the key question(s) raised at the beginning?

Shared Prayers

Response to Lesson

Go to the blog associated with this lesson: https://breathingbygrace.blog/category/hudson-valley-school-of-prayer/ to complete Practical Application Activities. Please email a summary of your responses to the Ewerts at the above email address.

Lets Pray

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