Resting On The ROCK

Isa 26 3-4 CEV (2)Good morning Father,

So I come to you, my Savior and my God, and knowing you are there, and here, and forever. The fact of YOU steadies me in the midst of these turbulent, always changing times. You are our Everlasting Rock – the one in whom there is no shadow of turning (cf. James 1:17). You were my dad’s ROCK. You were my grandpa’s ROCK. You were Adam’s ROCK. I rest in the shelter of YOU.

On Christ the Solid Rock (2)I long for a “steadfast” mind that mimics your own. Instead, too often I am confused over why things happen or conflicted and depressed emotionally. I know this is due to having an ear to the flesh, rather than to your voice.

But a ROCK doesn’t have to use words to speak. It’s there, and by being there speaks volumes of its lasting stability and dominance over the landscape of my life. It transcends the generations, looking and feeling the same to those before me and those who come after me. That’s LIKE you, Yahweh – with the huge exception that you are ETERNAL (cf. Exodus 3:13-15).

On Christ the Solid RockI remember how we sojourned in Colorado Springs in ’94 after church-planting in Illinois. Julia and I would drive into the mountains west of the Springs and just sit in silence, drinking in the beauty of Your creation and listening quietly to Your voice saying, “Trust me.” We were healed, restored, and prepared for the next chapter that eventually opened up in Oregon.

As I get older and more feeble my memories seem more compelling – but so do my longings for what lies ahead by your promises. Help me to walk the path ahead within sight and hearing of you, the ROCK, that I too might be at peace, and a peacemaker among men.


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Inspiring Video:

The Promises – ReGen Harmony 4K


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