No Easter Bunnies or Daffodils in the Story

(Written by David Ewert)
The Easter season is awash with beautiful sentiment and sweet pictures, as a recent search for Hallmark Cards to send to my sisters revealed. However, that is not the real foundation of my faith this morning.

It is notable that most everything in the testimony to Christ’s death and resurrection is so factual. Where are the symbols of springtime and new life we’re so fond of today? Where is the poetic sweetness? Where are the cute bunnies and fields of daffodils?

The most poetic passages I can find of the Passion Week are Psalm 22, Isaiah 53 and Romans 8:31-39. From those passages, the gigantic implications of that week for our lives shine forth in poetry that absolutely soars to the heights and depths of soulful expression. But even there, the bunnies and daffodils are missing, and I, for one, am not sorry.

I am so glad the biblical accounts are factual. The record of Christ’s death and resurrection rings true because it points to  real-time events and not emotional interpretations of those events. It is because of this that my hope rises this morning and I can be sure my resurrection from death is also actually true.

Everything I believe rests on a solid foundation of truth. Therefore, I am free. I can freely embrace today’s very real journey in which we taste real pain and loss, and I can enjoy fun-filled carefree moments that include the chocolates and the laughter of childreIMG_20170401_105610445n. Because the facts of the Lord Jesus are in evidence forever, I am even free to wax poetic and imagine new ways to celebrate the beauty and life-creating power in those facts. Because I see the evidences of His resurrection so clearly, I can now recognize and enjoy fully the many, many ways in which God reminds me of those realities.

So, bring on the yellow daffodils, baskets of eggs bedded in fake green grass, and all the rest, but remember this first and be truly glad: Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!!

“Now, my brothers, I want to speak about the Gospel which I have previously preached to you, which you accepted, in which you are at present standing, and by which, if you remain faithful to the message I gave you, your salvation is being worked out—unless, of course, your faith had no meaning behind it at all. For I passed on to you Corinthians first of all the message I had myself received—that Christ died for our sins, as the scriptures said he would; that he was buried and rose again on the third day, again as the scriptures foretold.”
1 Corinthians 15:1-4 (PHILLIPS)

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